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Make extra time for rest, Pisces—the moon in Aquarius urges you to daydream. Sweet Venus enters fellow water sign Scorpio, inspiring you to break out of your usual routine and have some fun! Good news from afar is on its way to you. It's a lovely day to socialize as the moon in cool Aquarius connects with the sun and lucky planet Jupiter. It's also a powerful time to dive deep into intimacy as sexy Venus enters mysterious water sign Scorpio. Good vibes flow in your career as the moon in Aquarius connects with the sun and lucky Jupiter, and blessings arrive in your relationships as your ruling planet Venus enters your opposite sign Scorpio!

You're in an adventurous mood today thanks to the moon in Aquarius, and inspiring conversations between you and your partners take place. Venus enters Scorpio, inspiring you to treat yourself to a spa trip, and finding you running into crushes while you do your errands.

The moon in Aquarius finds you working out tricky financial issues, but love is on your mind today, too. Sweet Venus enters sexy Scorpio, bringing a big boost in passion and creative inspiration! Some exciting party invitations are on the way. Your focus on your relationships thanks to the moon in Aquarius, and easy energy flows. Sweet Venus enters emotional water sign Scorpio, inspiring you to get cozy at home. He or she seems very devoted to you, and is having a prosperous year. Siblings and sibling figures in your life can have multiple moves this year and in the coming years. Their finances improve after December 3.

Emotionally they seem unstable, however, and need to be careful of wild and sudden mood swings. Children and children figures are experimenting financially and can have extreme ups and downs.


A move, though, is not likely. Their social lives become more stable. In and your financial planet, Saturn, was in your sign. In he moved into his natural home, your money house, where he is most comfortable and powerful. Saturn will remain there for Jupiter, as we mentioned, will be in your sign almost all year, and is the planet of abundance and expansion.

Your money house is easily the most powerful in your chart this year. This is another signal for prosperity. It shows focus. It shows fire in the belly — a willingness to overcome all the various challenges that arise. I feel this focus is more important than just easy aspects. What I like about your present aspects is that the financial judgement is sound. In and , with Saturn in your own sign, you could have been more reckless and speculative. Since last year, as your financial planet moved into his own sign, there has been more conservatism and caution with finances. Now, being a Sagittarius, you are always speculative and risk-taking, but now much less so.

Every investment — even the seemingly safe — carries some degree of risk; the issue is the degree of risk that one is willing to take. Sagittarius has a high risk tolerance, but since last year, less so. All your normal financial strengths and affinities are magnified this year. Book publishing, the travel business, airlines, long-distance transportation and for-profit colleges are interesting and tend to be profitable. Managing what you have properly seems just as important as increasing earnings. Later in the year — after December 3 — Jupiter will move into your money house.

This increases the prosperity further and it shows it will go on well into next year. There are three eclipses that occur in your money house this year. We will cover them more fully in the monthly reports, but they indicate dramatic changes happening in the financial life — changes in investments, banks, stockbrokers or in the lives of people or companies involved with your finances.

Because the year is so prosperous, I read this as a need to adjust to the prosperity. Too much of a good thing can be just as disruptive as too little. Sometimes these changes can be within the present company, sometimes not. The conditions of work will also dramatically change.

Sagittarius Ganeshaspeaks

If you employ others there is employee turnover. Though finance is very important to you this year, the year ahead is not an especially strong career year. Your 10th house is basically empty. Only short-term planets will move through there this year and their effects are transitory.

Lucky Day For Sagittarius 12222

The night side of your Horoscope is very strong as well. All the long-term planets are in the lower half of your chart. So, while the upper half will get stronger after May 23, it will never be dominant. Finance, family and emotional wellness are much more important this year. Earning more in a backroom job is preferable to earning less in more prominent position. Your career planet Mercury is a very fast-moving planet, as our regular readers know.

Thus there will be many short-term career trends that depend on where Mercury is and the aspects he receives at any given time. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Libra (September 22 - October 23)

This tends, as our regular readers know, to the status quo. Those who are married will tend to stay married, and singles will tend to stay single. It shows lack of interest. However, we do see big improvements in your love and social life — this began last year. In and stern Saturn was in your sign.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

While this was good financially and for business, it was not especially good for love. Last year Saturn moved out of your sign and more of your warm and ebullient self could come through. Bubbly, effervescent, jovial, friendly. This will make for greater popularity in general. And, in the case of those of you who are married, more harmony in the marriage. Those working on or in the second or third marriage also have a stable kind of year. Those working on the fourth marriage, however, have very nice opportunities. Serious love is on the cards. The two planets that rule love in your chart — Venus, the generic ruler, and Mercury, the actual ruler in your Horoscope — will visit your sign twice this year.

This is unusual. They usually visit a sign only once. So there will be romantic opportunities for sure. Try The Karma Quiz Now!! This month you are focusing less on family hence shifting your attention to career. The horoscope predicts that your family will feel neglected. But, towards the end of the month, your attention will start going back to your family. Based on the Sagittarius horoscope predictions , your health will not be good this month. Your immune system will weaken hence making you susceptible to minor illnesses. To cure this, you will need to take lots of water, eat a balanced diet and rest adequately.

What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! According to the Sagittarius September horoscope, you will grow professionally this month. There is a high chance that you will get a promotion at the workplace as well as proper financial rewards. You are however advised to be ready to help other people achieve their best in their careers as well.

Test Now! The Sagittarius zodiac signs predictions predict that you will enjoy financial prosperity throughout the month. You will be able to properly cater for both your expenses and those of your family.