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While others seem to be running around, you might opt for a leisurely day at the beach or head with friends to cheer for a favorite team.

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Seek relaxation and some distance from what could be an aggravating situation. Tonight: Play it easy. Even you cannot hold yourself back sometimes when it comes to having fun or indulging in a romp with a loved one. You might want to invite a friend who is down to join you at some point in the day.

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Tonight: Just be you. Tension mounts no matter what you do. If you accept the tension today, you will feel it waning nearly immediately. An older person shares a tidbit that makes you laugh and relax. Tonight: Invite others for a potluck dinner. You do not have permission to post comments.

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Submit Your Content. Already have a Torstar account? Sign In. Already a current subscriber? Subscribe for newspaper delivery of the and online access to for the relevant news you need from the local source you trust. Needless to say, your romantic life spices up considerably. With this intense focus on love and romance, you will smile from ear to ear in Everyone might think you have the perfect life. With all this attention on your personal life, you will have to discipline yourself to handle the less joyous areas of your life.

You will be very happy if you can work from home, so do your best to arrange that possibility.


You will find solutions with ease, no matter what slams into your path. Your biggest issue this year will be learning to breathe deeply when the unexpected happens. If any sign can handle uproar, it is yours. As you allow your emotions to play a large role in , you can focus your energy on positive resolutions.

Pop a bottle of Champagne, because you were given the gift of a very special year. You might have to push yourself to think in the long term, especially when looking at your future. Your mood can change by the hour. You have a steel-trap mind when it comes to the past.

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This year, you might find that you are busier than you thought possible. You could get a pay raise or promotion. Take good care of yourself. Relationships have tested your endurance, especially a long-term bond.

Horoscope for Saturday, June 22, | vosyxunywuly.ga

If you can, be patient. The best is yet to come. You will get the first glimpse of what trust will give you in December Everyone counts on your friendly and happy ways. Others will note a new quality emanating from you on a deeper level. You become warmer and more accepting in You also find others to be more receptive than they have been in the past.

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You will be very lucky through your various connections. If you are a person who looks at life as the cup being half empty, by the end of you will have nearly erased that old, stale way of thinking. You will experience sudden insights, and you are likely to be stunned by these revelations. You often are in your head, mulling over various ideas.

Know that you are in the midst of realizing a long-term dream. This dream might take several years to manifest. You begin evolving as a person who is full of surprises and the unexpected in You will find that you start smiling more as you shed complications. Regardless of whether you accept this transformation, your love life will become a source of happiness as well.

A partner or someone special who enters your life adds depth and happiness to your days. You also will be unusually lucky with money this year. Be open to making changes. Your year will be that much better if you do. Some of you will travel more, exposing yourselves to different cultures and ways of thinking. Your mind will be opening up to a new world of thoughts. You have many dreams. You will be inspired to take a new path in Some cultures believe the first day of the year provides clues to the next year.

This year could be as good as it gets. Fiery Mars, your ruling planet, enters Aries within hours of beginning. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and on the first day of the year, you walk onstage as a lead player. You will get what you want in Expect to be in the limelight for a good part of it. Horoscopes: Monday, September 30, by Holiday Mathis. Horoscopes: Sunday, September 29, by Holiday Mathis. Horoscopes: Saturday, September 28, by Holiday Mathis. Horoscopes: Friday, September 27, by Holiday Mathis. Horoscopes: Thursday, September 26, by Holiday Mathis. Horoscopes: Wednesday, September 25, by Holiday Mathis.

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