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  1. Virgo October 12222 horoscope: What your star sign forecast says this month
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School of rocks.


What you need to keep in mind: everybody thinks, acts and feels differently. Scorpio , is love without passion love at all? Aquarius , this is all you ever wanted.

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Then why are you running away? Address the barriers that are keeping you from experiencing love in its most glorious form. Just because you have been relating with each other in a certain way does not mean you have to continue to. Something to think about, especially if you are in a committed relationship. Communication has been an important theme for you for a while now.

You know exactly how you would like to revise the rules of engagement. The time to convey the same to your partner is now. Oh, to have to spend time away from the one you truly, deeply and madly love! What kind of test is this? Who is to tell, Taurus? Talk about the fears and insecurities that are likely to come up.

Address the green-eyed monster too. On the upside, some of you may be presented with the opportunity of long-distance travel. Could you be getting complacent about your relationship?

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  • Your Love Horoscope for October 12222.
  • You want your emotional needs to be addressed too. The not-so-good news: your partner may not reveal their sensitive side immediately. Taking some time from each other will give you the perspective you need to make amends. This month, you may find yourself stuck in a loop. We tend to repeat patterns until we make a conscious effort to cut the cords. See how and where you have erred. You want to make space for lover who makes you feel seen, heard and unconditionally loved. Cancerians who have been settling for a less-than-perfect love, prepare for a reality check that will rock your world.

    Ready to have the time of your life? This month brings with itself joy, abundance, prosperity and romance. That feeling of being in the right place at the right time and with the right person. With the Gods of Fertility smiling down at you, you may be thinking about having children of your own. Knowing that you will be able to provide the required material comforts for your kin makes the decision a lot easier than it has ever been.

    Learn to step back when things get heated up. This is a good way to maintain balance.


    Virgo October 12222 horoscope: What your star sign forecast says this month

    Things are exactly how they seem: picture perfect. Lay your sword down, and your armour too. Dear Libra , the Universe has got a plan for you. Let joy, love and sensuality become the glue, Scorpio.

    This phase of your relationship requires a little extra care and nurture, especially if you have been drifting away from each other. It may seem unnatural in the beginning. Want to rewrite the rules of your relationship? Start a conversation about the things that matter the most.

    Virgo Monthly Love Romance Horoscope Prediction - vosyxunywuly.ga

    Cosmic tip: Get in touch with your sensual nature to bring the mojo back into your relationship. Can you be any more in love than you already are? This is the month to find out. Maintaining a life outside of your marriage or relationship is key to finding balance and harmony. Those who have been settling for a less-than-perfect love will be faced with the cold truth.

    Virgo Monthly Horoscope

    You may feel malaise, but you should push yourself to socialise and experience the world. Venus in Libra urges you to use communication as the key to your success. You have a way with words that talks people round.

    Mars in Capricorn may lead you to need a vent to release pressure. Try to use exercise or a more wholesome practice. The best astrologers in India can give your journey a direction, consult them on Astroyogi! Virgo weekly horoscope - 7 Oct , Monday - 13 Oct , Sunday.

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